The AI-powered generative knowledge assistant

Ayraa has been custom-built for publishing knowledge & discovering insights across the workspace. Ayraa actively engages with your workspace keeping everyone on task & continuously informed.

Our Story

How it started

Ayraa was founded in 2021 in the pre-GPT era with the singular thesis that fast-growth companies need a platform for knowledge synthesis & delivery. We built our founding products: Scribe as a self-organizing real-time wiki & Deck as an asynchronous all-hands platform.

GPT acceleration

In November of 2022, GPT hit. We paused our planned roadmap of learning & performance management and instead built Search, Assist, & Rewind products along with extensions of Scribe that leverage LLMs & GPT acceleration.


Ayraa is the only platform that enables knowledge publication, search & discovery, in real time, for the entire organization, and within reach of teams & companies of all sizes.

Our Mission & Vision

Ayraa is on a mission to democratize knowledge delivery & discovery. Ayraa's vision is to be a generative AI assistant that drives all knowledge communication interfaces at work so answers & insights come to you naturally without having to seek them.

Leadership Team

Ayraa was founded by security veterans who spent decades building AI that detects patterns and sentiment in text communications at work.

Vinay Mahadik

“ Vinay has over twenty years of experience in the information security domain. He was recently the co-founder/CEO of Securly Inc - the world's largest EdTech platform that uses AI to preempt school shootings, & suicides. Vinay holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Nikita Chikate

co-founder/Chief Design Officer
“ Niki has decades of experience in product & UX design. Niki holds an MBA in Design Strategy from the California College of Arts. Niki was the co-founder/CDO of Securly, where she built the end-to-end brand & user experience for the multi-product platform.

Siddhartha Desai

Vice President of Engineering
“ Sid has nearly a decade of experience in mission-driven software engineering. He joined Securly as an intern and quickly became the head of engineering of the massive platform serving millions of students daily.  Sid has a Masters in CS from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Chris Karlin

Vice President of Sales
“ Chris has worked as a revenue leader with companies across the globe. Most recently, Chris was the Head of Sales of Superb AI, a platform that helps ML product teams ship AI models faster. He holds Political Science & Law degrees from UCSB & Santa Clara University.

Built for fast-paced companies just like ours

The team behind Ayraa lives and breathes the challenge of knowledge generation, capture, organization & dissemination from rapid product development, process updates, and announcements across chats, emails, docs & CRMs - shaping our features and products daily.

Our investors

Ayraa has raised over $5M of seed capital from a close network of angels, and also AVG/Westwood Ventures, InnoSpring Seed Fund, 421 Capital, and Dr. Gerhard Eschelbeck (ex CISO at Google, CTO of Qualys, Webroot, Sophos) and Dr. Fengmin Gong (founder of Cyphort, Intruvert Networks, and Palo Alto Networks).

Our office locations

Ayraa HQ

3031 Tisch Way #110PW,
San Jose, CA 95128 USA

Ayraa Labs India

Suite 701, Bldg 68, Yogi Castle,
Mumbai 400092 India