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Discover, organize & search for knowledge without leaving your favorite app

Ayraa plugs right into your workflow

Helping you capture knowledge & broadcast mission-critical communications as-it-happens, right from Slack

Publish flashcards of organizational knowledge

Create a layer of strategic outreach with your team that highlights key outcomes from chats & huddles

Guarantee critical knowledge is not lost

  • Require read-receipts & RSVPs
  • Set due-dates for response
  • Enable nudges
  • View helpful analytics

AI powered curated knowledge from across the company

Using advanced, patent-pending interest graphs, knowledge blocks are surfaced to you - so you don’t miss what matters

Disclaimer: Ayraa uses powerful Large Language Models (LLMs) developed by vendors such as OpenAI. LLMs generate responses based on patterns in training data, but lack understanding or consciousness. They are probabilistic and may be unreliable. Ayraa aims for accuracy but can occassionally produce misleading or incorrect information. Users should independently verify critical information and exercise caution.

Secure & Private by Design

Secured by AWS Cloud. SOC2 Certified. CASA Tier 2 Certified. Single-sign On Authentication. Ayraa is founded by enterprise security veterans with decades of experience in intrusion prevention & data protection.

Ayraa makes everyone
10x more productive

Eliminate information overload with a personal, self-organizing, knowledge base & universal search.

A helpful virtual assistant
that will blow your mind

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Paul Couvert
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