Connectors for All Your Favorite Apps

Connect all your existing applications. Experience the power of your company’s collective knowledge all in one place.
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Industry-leading API connectors model
Built for scale, security & simplicity

Connectors work instantly.
Always up-to-date.
Ayraa leverages each app’s native search capabilities to allow instant search across years of workspace history. No crawling is needed.
Rich native capabilities
By leveraging native search, Ayraa is able to take advantage of unique capabilities each app brings to the search experience.
Native permissioning & security out of the box
Ayraa’s connectors use each user’s security token delivering the app’s native security model you already trust.

Slack Workflow Connector

With our feature-rich Slack bot, you can work uninterrupted. No more tab-hopping or distractions. Search, get answers, and discover insights right within Slack.

Browser Workflow Connector

Bring the power of Ayraa to your browser using our extensions. Chat with long pages, search & query your workspace, discover insights right where you are.

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