Meeting transcriptions & AI-powered notes

Ayraa’s remote notetaker bots join meetings autonomously to transcribe calls & share AI-powered notes.
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Notetaker Bots Join Calls On your Behalf

Ayraa’s bots attend meetings on your calendar or as as invited. Ayraa condenses your meetings into concise summaries, highlighting the essential discussion points and actionable tasks.

Stay on top of your responsibilities and ensure nothing slips through the cracks with clear, easy-to-read summaries.

Detailed Transcripts for Perfect Recall

Never miss a detail again with Ayraa's comprehensive, time-stamped transcripts. Whether you were absent or just need a refresher, our accurate transcriptions provide a reliable reference to revisit every part of your meeting.

Search & Query Your Transcripts

With Ayraa, finding specific information within your meeting transcripts is effortless. Instantly search and query the entire transcript to quickly locate crucial details and streamline your workflow.

Simple controls for the Notetaker Bot

Ayraa gives you the flexibility to decide which meetings our bots should attend. Choose to automate transcription for all calendar events, only the meetings you host, or those you specifically invite the bot to, ensuring you have control over your transcriptions.

Share Summaries and Transcripts with Ease

Easily share meeting summaries and full transcripts with team members who couldn't attend. Ayraa makes it simple to keep everyone informed and aligned, regardless of their participation in the original meeting.

Seamless Integration with Slack

Ayraa integrates directly with Slack, bringing meeting transcripts and summaries to your fingertips without disrupting your workflow. Access and share crucial information within your team's preferred communication platform, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Secure & Private by Design

Secured by AWS Cloud. SOC2 Certified. CASA Tier 2 Certified. Single-sign On Authentication. Ayraa is founded by enterprise security veterans with decades of experience in intrusion prevention & data protection.

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