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Ayraa takes a fresh new approach towards workplace security & operations. It follows the entire employee lifecycle - hiring, onboarding, learning, compliance, engagement & productivity. However, it does this with a focus on only those products & services that keep the business secure and the employees engaged.


Ayraa brings a unique blend of world-class enterprise security & deep learning AI at the one end - to delightful HR & productivity experiences at the other.

Experts in Enterprise Security & Managing Culture

The founders are seasoned entrepreneurs with decades of individual experience in Enterprise Security & Product Design. Over the last few years, they successfully built the world's first Student Safety & Wellness platform in the hyper fragmented Education Technology market. During this time, they realized that the products they were building for school districts to manage student filtering, auditing, wellness & productivity were also needed by their own workplace with its nearly 200 employees. With Ayraa, the founders bring all of this collective experience executing a platform strategy and running a large organization to the commercial mid-market & enterprise space.

Workplace. Reimagined.

Ayraa blends deep learning AI & enterprise security technology with delightful workplace experiences across the entire employee lifecycle.

From Global Anycast DNS servers to advanced EDR agents. Secure data. Filter NSFW content & malware.

Enterprise Security

Comprehensive suite of services geared towards employee productivity, training & wellness.

Employee Engagement

Deep learning NLP & sentiment scoring across multiple vectors. Office productivity & security automation.

Deep Learning AI

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