Ayraa vs Guru

Highlighting the differences between Ayraa and Guru, aiding you in making informed choices for your organization

Why choose Ayraa over Guru

Helping you capture knowledge & broadcast mission-critical communications as-it-happens, right from Slack
Team Agnostic
Ayraa is team-agnostic & delivers value across the organization including customer-facing, Product, HR & Legal teams.
2-way Knowledge Flow
Ayraa powers both sides of the knowledge management platform. Enterprise search at the one end, as well as real-time knowledge-sharing at the other.
Disruptive Pricing
Ayraa leverages efficient algorithms that deliver bleeding-edge AI at a disruptively low price point that works for entire organizations - of all sizes.

Vision & Roadmap

Ayraa's vision is to democratize knowledge delivery and discovery and to become an AI assistant that drives all knowledge communication interfaces at work. Ayraa focuses on fast-growth tech companies, where processes, knowledge, domain ownership, and managers are constantly in motion.

Instead of only focusing on customer-facing roles leaving significant gaps in the platform, Ayraa serves the entire organization with end-to-end coverage of knowledge sources, flows & stakeholders across the organization, thereby consolidating knowledge capture & inference tools into a single platform and eliminating knowledge silos & cost inefficiencies.

AI-Powered Enterprise Search Approach

Instead of relying heavily on semantic search, which is unreliable & rarely effective in production, Ayraa uses an advanced, multi-pass keyword search approach that aligns with the user's expectations on search results and then uses semantic search only to score results found - creating a best-of-both-worlds outcome.


Guru has marketed Collections, Wiki & Intranet & recently announced the availability of Enterprise Search for customer-facing teams.

Ayraa's platform covers

Scribe (Publish tacit knowledge)
Recall (Go Links)
Collections (Curated & verified knowledge)
Deck (Announcements)
Browser AI (Summarize &query websites)
Sentiment scoring (stalled, urgent, etc.)
Learn (LMS) (Coming soon)
Performance Management (Future)
Search + Assist
Rewind (Work activity logs)
Meetings (Transcripts & summaries)
Discover (News & issues)
Advanced search (Future)
Sentiment scoring (stalled, urgent, etc.)
Classification (process, incidents, etc.)
News wall (last month's achievements, what's urgent today? etc)

Knowledge. As it happens.

Employees increasingly rely on updates being brought to them instead of reading Wikis & the Intranet. Unlike Guru's search-only focus, Ayraa has also invested in feature-rich Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android apps to ensure organization-wide ease of use & real-time knowledge publication.

How Does Ayraa Compare With Guru

Key Point
Fast-growth companies
Mid-market with static knowledge
Entire organization including customer-facing, Product, HR & Legal teams
Customer-facing teams
Top-down, team-wide, or individual
Top-down heavy
Vision & Roadmap
End-to-end knowledge platform
Over $10/user/mo
Slack Search
Replicates users’ visibility for search without any extra effort
Impractical. Needs bot invitations to all channels.
Data & Access
Native-search. Secure. (stateless, no duplication)
Insecure (duplicate data & permissioning)
Search Model
Advanced, multi-pass, native keyword search followed by semantic scoring
Semantic search (unproven on the market)
Desktop & Mobile Apps
Desktop (Mac, Windows) & Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android) to enable real-time knowledge publication
Limited. Only iPhone.

What Makes Ayraa Special

Key Point
Search Knowledge
Flexible Deployment
End-to-end Knowledge Platform
Organic, Light Onboarding
Democratized Maintenance
Push Knowledge As-it-happens
Out-of-the-box Slack Search
Native, Stateless Search
Instant Historical Searches
Always Up-to-date
Desktop & Mobile Apps

Trusted by 1000+ teams from companies such as

Awards & Recognition

Secure & Private by Design

Secured by AWS Cloud. SOC2 Certified. CASA Tier 2 Certified. Single-sign On Authentication. Ayraa is founded by enterprise security veterans with decades of experience in intrusion prevention & data protection.

Ayraa makes everyone
10x more productive

Eliminate information overload with a personal, self-organizing, knowledge base & universal search.

A helpful virtual assistant
that will blow your mind

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