Short, Memorable & Shared Bookmarks for your Organization

Transform lengthy, complex URLs for workplace resources into easy to remember shortcut go/links
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A personalized search engine & answer bot for work

Ayraa uses a combination of advanced crawling, webhooks, native search of the 3rd party apps, keyword search & semantic search to present the best results from across your workspace and knowledge sources. Furthermore, with generative AI, employees can ask specific questions and skip reading all the search results when in a rush.

Works right where they do

With our feature-rich Slack bot, employees can work uninterrupted. No more tab-hopping or distractions. They can search, get answers, and discover insights right within Slack. For those who love uncluttered interfaces, our dedicated desktop apps for Windows and Mac complement the Slack bot with a clean, minimalist interface, custom-built as an overlay over all their favorite apps to consolidate knowledge and streamline notifications from all over to a unified console.

Real-time sync from anywhere

Ayraa’s iOS and Android mobile apps allow everyone to tap into the second brain of your organizational memory conveniently from anywhere. The power of search & assist is now available in the palm of your hand.

Admins & Employees co-manage what teams can search for

First, the workspace admins decide which apps should and should not be available for search on the workspace based on what's appropriate for your organization. Then, employees can choose further which apps they would prefer to work with for search. This model has many benefits - it prevents clutter from noisy apps, eliminates the need for company-level accounts to be crawled, and ensures that the data is only visible to users who otherwise already have access to it.

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